O-2/O-3: O-1 Accompanying Employee

This category is restricted to foreign nationals seeking to accompany O-1 employees in the arts, motion picture and television productions, and athletics. O-2 foreign nationals cannot work separate and apart from the O-1 prospective employee in question and must be named in the O-1 petition. Individuals seeking admission in O-2 status to accompany an O-1 employee must meet the following criteria: (1) they must enter for the purpose of assisting in the O-1’s performance; (2) they must be an integral part of the actual performance; (3) they must have critical skills and experience with the O-1 employee which are not of a general nature and which are not possessed by a U.S. worker; and (4) they must have a foreign residence they do not intend to abandon. More specific requirements apply to O-2 foreign nationals involved in motion picture and television productions.