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Formation of Business Entities

At William Velie at Law, Attorney at Law, PLLC assist clients in the planning for forming new business entities. Our firm identifies, manages and solves a wide variety of legal issues that apply to the formation of new business entities, including issues related to antitrust laws, corporate governance, employee benefits, executive compensation, information technology, and intellectual property and tax matters. We advise clients regarding the initial formation as a corporation (C corp or S corp), limited liability company (LLC), or partnership, and drafting of organizational documents including operating agreements, by-laws, and partnership agreements.

International Business Transactions

Today there is a greater need than ever before for looking outside our national borders for markets. Many U.S. businesses are finding foreign markets for the first time, while others are expanding and taking more aggressive equity positions abroad. As we continue to grow with our clients, our firm works arduously with the help of our global contacts to provide the information and legal guidance needed to compete in a global economy.